School Sports Victoria Virtual Cross Country

Newbury Primary School is excited to team up with School Sports Victoria, to launch their Virtual Cross Country event.

Please make sure you have your parent/guardians permission before heading out for a run/walk or better take them along & maybe also a friend with you.

Getting started

Find a suitable park, recreation reserve, oval, athletics track, green space, trails, the footpaths of the street on the block that you live to make a circuit (be safe out there if crossing streets) or even a treadmill. 

You will need to measure out the length of your own course. There are many Apps available on Smartphones, iPad or pcs such as Google Earth, Garmin, Fitbit, a GPS, Strava etc or go old school & use a trundle wheel or a tape measure.  You could always get someone to measure the distance using a bike computer of a bicycle or a speedo of a car. It doesn't have to be exactly perfectly accurate. And of course, you need an accurate way of recording the time it takes to run/walk your distance. The main thing is to get out there to get active & have a run/walk. 

Important Information

You can do as many runs as you like but enter each separate run you do. It's free to enter. We hope to be able to track the total km's you & your fellow school members.

It's open to all students from Prep - Year 6. It has been made so you can (virtually) run/walk in the same age group as you. You can do it when at home after school or on the weekend.

Run/walk either 1km, 2km, 3km 4km or 5km

Once you have finished your run, send in your time, distance and picture of yourself to either Miss P or Ms Gasper. We will then celebrate with our school community.

This virtual cross country event ends on Friday 26th of June


For more information, please visit this site below-


Good luck and have fun!!

Miss P and Ms Gasper.