Covid-19 Update 15.09.2021


Dear Parents and Carers,

We understand that the Hume local government area at the moment, is the area that has the most amount of positive COVID cases. This is very concerning for us all. We encourage you to continue COVID safe practices such as wearing a mask, physically distancing and only leaving your home for one of the five accepted reasons.

Getting vaccinated is a powerful and positive step that can be taken to protect our loved ones and our community. Consider getting vaccinated as soon as possible so that we can help stop the spread.

DPV Health has been appointed to operate the largest community health vaccination hub in Northern Melbourne.

Operating out of the Broadmeadows Town Hall, the vaccination hub will provide access for thousands of local community members to be vaccinated with either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines.

Anyone aged 12-59 years can now receive the Pfizer vaccine and those aged 60 and over will continue to receive AstraZeneca.

Book your vaccination today!

COVID-19 Vaccination Centre

Town Hall Broadmeadows, 10 Dimboola Rd, Broadmeadows

Open 7 Days

To book a COVID-19 vaccination and eligibility call: 1300 DPV VAX or dial 1300 378 829.

Bookings only. Interpreters are available.

For more information visit:


Hi Newbury Community,

We’ve put together a collection of things happening online over the coming week, hopefully you find something to keep the spirits of both you and your children up through this lockdown period.

The Indian Film Festival of Melbourne are showing their collection of films through their website. Films are free to stream, but do require registration.

The Melbourne International Film Festival is also running over the coming weeks. Films are available to rent and stream through their website:

Phillip Island Nature Parks are again live streaming the daily penguin parade. You can tune in via Facebook or YouTube from 6pm each evening to watch the live stream. This is a free event, more information can be found here:

Zoos Victoria are also live streaming animals in their habitats, including daily feeding sessions. Find more here:

For those wanting to stay active, Kaya Health Clubs have posted a free online library with a variety of at home fitness workouts:

Museums Victoria have a wide range of at home activities and experiments for kids. Find them here:

NGV also has a wide range of kids activities based around art and craft in the home:


Hope you find something to keep you all occupied during this lockdown.


Good evening,

For tomorrow, students will use the year level websites to complete tasks, these links will be available on our school website
Instructions for Monday and Tuesday will be posted on Sentral and year level websites tomorrow.

Please visit our school website or follow the link below to register your child/ren to attend school on-site from Monday 19th July - Friday 23rd July 2021.
In the event that the current snap lockdown is extended past Tuesday, we have given parents and carers the option to fill out the form to include each day next week instead of having to complete an additional form.

Important Information: Only students that fall under the below categories will be approved attendance on-site

  • Children where both parents and or carers are considered authorised workers as listed who cannot work from home, work for an essential provider and where no other supervision arrangements can be made:
  • Vulnerable children, including:
    • children in out-of-home care
    • children deemed vulnerable by a government agency, funded family or family violence service, and assessed as requiring education and care outside the family home
    • children identified by a school or early childhood service as vulnerable, (including via referral from a government agency, or funded family or family violence service, homeless or youth justice service or mental health or other health service)
  • Where there are two parents/carers, both must be essential workers, working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.
  • For single parents/ carers, the essential worker must be working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.

This form must be filled out by 5pm, Friday 16th July 2021.
You will receive a confirmation email prior to your child attending on-site from:

On-site Attendance Form:

Thank you,
Newbury Primary School


Dear Parents and Carers,

Today has been another day of challenge for Victoria and schools with the rapid announcement of the snap lockdown to come into effect from 11:59pm tonight.

For tomorrow, students will use the year level websites to complete tasks, these will be posted later tonight as well as instructions for Monday and Tuesday.

Students deemed as vulnerable will be able to attend onsite as per previous lockdown arrangements. More information will be posted on Sentral tomorrow.

Stay strong and take care.