Health and Physical Education

At Newbury Primary School, we value physical activity for all students and their families. Once a week all students take part in a Health and Physical Education lesson, which not only allows students to be active, but also challenges their thinking towards physical activity and to live a healthy life.

Prep - 2 

* Fundamental Movements Skills - jumping, hopping, skipping, running, leaping, galloping

* Playground safety

* Mini Athletics

* Ball Skills - catching, throwing, rolling, target games, ball bouncing and kicking

* Spatial Awareness

* Taking turns, sharing, team work

* Mini Gymnastics

* Values Education

* Two handed strike

* House Sports

* Health awareness - some aspects include healthy eating, hygiene and building new friendships

Year 3-6

* Extending their Fundamental Movement Skills in various Teaching Games for Understanding Units - Invasion Games, Target Games, Striking/Fielding Games and Net/Wall Games.

* Athletics

* Hot Shots Tennis

* Community Building

* Gymnastics

* Values Education

* House Sports

* Incorporating ICT into physical activity

* Health awareness - some aspects include healthy eating, community work, social media, how to stop bullying and hygiene.