The science program at Newbury offers students a chance to experience exciting and hands-on learning. The program teaches traditional subjects like biology, physics, chemistry and earth sciences, but also offers new and innovative programs in the integrated fields of technology and engineering. The aim of Newbury’s science program is to facilitate students’ natural curiosity about the world. Through teaching the scientific inquiry method, the program aims to support students to make sense of the things they wonder about and experience in their everyday lives. The program also encourages students to think globally to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. In doing so, students will have the opportunity to forge connections with international students in partner schools. Overall, the program aims for Newbury students leaving Year Six to have a real passion for science as well as a solid grounding in scientific and technological understandings and skills. This will place students in an excellent position for future studies, as well as equip them with the skills necessary to participate fully in society as critically thinking and active citizens.


This program also incorporates the use of our cooking kitchen, where students use fresh produce from our Newbury Kitchen Garden to develop their knowledge of healthy eating habits and provide them with the skills to be safe and responsible in the kitchen environment.






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