The Arts

Newbury Primary School provides an outstanding Arts Program for all children encompassing Visual Arts and Performing Arts.  All students from Years Prep to Year 6 participate in a weekly specialist Arts lesson (6 months of each).


Performing Arts at Newbury Primary School allows all students to participate in lessons that incorporate Dance, Drama and Music.  Students are given many opportunities to perform, act, sing, dance and gain overall confidence in a safe and encouraging environment.   Lunchtime Dance Clubs are offered to all students where they learn dances and perform them at school assemblies. Arts Community Clubs are offered to all students.  Students are also given opportunities to participate in community events such as ‘School of Rock’. 

Visual Arts at Newbury Primary School allows all students to explore their creative side. Students are given opportunities to feel free and confident to express ideas in a calm and friendly atmosphere and are encouraged to respond to the artwork of others.  Students participate in activities that include areas such as drawing, painting and collage.  The Visual Arts program incorporates both art making, understanding and appreciation.

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