Resource Smart Schools


The Resource Smart Schools program initiative provides practical support to schools to reduce resource use, make cost savings, integrate sustainability into the curriculum and share learnings beyond the school gate. It helps schools reduce costs while providing students with the opportunity to learn about sustainable practices. At Newbury Primary School we endeavour to meet the ongoing requirements of a Resource Smart school and attain our first star.


Since 2008 over 1400 schools have participated in the program. Together, they have:

  • saved over $31 million on bills
  • planted more than 5.2 million plants
  • saved over 90,000 tonnes greenhouse gas
  • diverted 190,000 cubic metres of waste from landfill
  • saved nearly 1.5 million kilolitres of water.


Program features

  • Facilitation and support: Sustainability experts support schools on their journey to embed sustainability into operations and provide support on how to measure and track their school’s progress. The service is free and open to every Victorian school.
  • Recognition: Schools can receive Sustainability Certification and can enter the ResourceSmart Schools Awards to be recognised and rewarded for school activities and achievements.
  • Savings: Schools learn to operate more sustainably; reducing costs to save on electricity, water and waste bills – and greenhouse gas emissions to minimise their impact on the environment.
  • Flexibility: Schools work through the ResourceSmart Schools program and create a unique environmental management system tailored to their needs.
  • Curriculum: Schools are assisted to embed sustainability into all learning areas and levels of the Victorian curriculum.


Waste Free Wednesdays

Every Wednesday at Newbury Primary School is Waste Free Wednesday. On this day we ask that no rubbish, chip packets, cling wrap be brought to school as we try and help the environment. Think of ways you can provide a Waste Free Lunchbox for your child next time you pack lunch. Each newsletter there are new tips and tricks for how each student can minimise their waste. It is also in the newsletter where the classes who have the most waste free lunches are celebrated! Go to the superstar parents and children of Newbury!





What students are saying about being Waste Free:

“Waste free Wednesdays are great so we can protect the animals in our world, because sometimes plastic can blow into the oceans and animals may die.”

“I think it is important because when we throw plastic away it will go to landfill and it will create a giant junk pile and make lots of gas which is bad for the air we breathe.”


Composting at Newbury:

At Newbury we are beginning to revitalise and re-establish our composting program with our new composting bins located near our greenhouse. Once these have been officially opened, classes will be educated about the benefits of composting and will encouraged to collect their fruit and vegetable scraps which will be thrown into our composting bins. There are many benefits of composting at Newbury and one of the best reasons is that the compost bins will provide our Kitchen Garden with extra nutrients and help our fruit, vegetables and herbs grow!

Let’s hear from some of our students explaining why composting is so important:

Suganda-  Year 2

When there is a compost bin it makes some soil for your plants so that they can grow strong and healthy.

Dane – Year 3

It is really important because if you don’t compost all the scraps will go into landfill and make a lot of gases and wreck our environment. Please compost your scraps whenever you can!



We have newly added an even bigger and better greenhouse to our school facilities. A big shout our to Mr. Brett and Mr. Wayne who worked hard to construct and create an area that all students and teachers can use and take pride in. Soon students will begin using the greenhouse to plant new plants so that they can thrive in the warmer conditions before making their way into the Kitchen Garden. 



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