Sentral is our communication platform available to parents in our school community. This platform will allow access your child’s academic reports, view their absences, provide reasons for these absences, view the school calendar, book Student Empowerment Conferences and view newsletters. 


Some key points to help you with registering for Sentral:

  • Please keep your letters safe.
  • Registration for Sentral can be done via the Sentral for Parents App.
  • You can only link one Access Key with an email address – one user only.
  • Access Keys are case sensitive and must be typed in exactly as they appear in your letter.
  • The Access Key allows you to link your Sentral account to your children enrolled at Newbury Primary School.
  • If you cannot see your child’s details please ensure that you have entered an Access Key.
  • Please use the ‘Forgot Password’ option if you forget your password. This will allow you to reset your password and regain access to Sentral.

The Sentral Parent Portal can be accessed via either the application on your phone/iPad or through the web-based portal


Sentral App Frequently Asked Questions 


If you are having issues accessing Sentral please email 


Apple Store - Sentral for Parents

Google Play Store - Sentral for Parents


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