At Newbury Primary School the focus of the English block is to develop the reading, writing and speaking and listening skills of students from Prep through to Year 6. This is done through a variety of approaches to ensure students receive the best possible teaching and learning experiences suited to their needs.

Our Spelling program, Strive to Spell is based around rule study and code study lessons. This is explicitly taught three times a week and constantly revised and applied throughout the English block. Students in Prep participate in Rocket to Reading; a phonological awareness program designed by the school.

Teachers use student data to plan for and target the needs of individual students through a number of approaches, such as guided reading and strategy groups.

Students develop their oral language, reading and writing skills through participating in language experiences. The language experience approach integrates speaking and listening, reading and writing through the development of a written text based on first hand experiences.

Through scaffolded talk, the teacher supports students to document experiences and ideas, using familiar and expanded vocabulary, modelling ways in which their thoughts and words can be written down and later read. 

Students develop their comprehension skills in order to connect with and respond appropriately to texts. With support from teachers, they participate in reciprocal teaching and literature circles to consolidate and expand their comprehension skills.

Newbury Primary School offers intervention programs available for students in P-6 with a focus on developing phonological awareness, decoding strategies and increased comprehension skills.

Daily home reading is also strongly recommended and we encourage students to read and enjoy books from our library and the community library. We are committed to working with parents to build effective home/school partnerships which support students. We also welcome Parent Helpers into our classrooms.

Newbury Primary School is newly implementing the 6+1 Traits of Writing to support students in developing their writing practices. Teachers plan for and incorporate a range of approaches to writing instruction. These include:

  • Language Experience
  • Modelled and Shared writing
  • Small group Interactive writing and shared writing
  • Independent writing
  • One on one writing conferences focussed on developing student goals

Students develop their speaking and listening skills through the sharing and celebration of their work and achievements.