At Newbury Primary School the focus of Mathematics sessions is to develop and extend students’ mathematical skills through rich and authentic learning tasks. We foster positive attitudes towards Mathematics, providing opportunities for students to experience success and to embrace challenges. We focus on developing students’ ability to use Mathematical processes and to apply them to real-life contexts.

The Mathematics curriculum is organised by the three strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Each strand is organised by sub-­strands. Sub-strands group content descriptions under an appropriate concept, to provide both a focus and a clear sequence for the development of related concepts and skills within strands and across levels.

Teachers use effective formative and summative assessments to plan for and implement engaging and targeted learning experience for students to participate in. Students build on their skills and understandings through fluency tasks and whole class instruction. Teachers differentiate independent tasks and provide explicit teaching to small, focus groups.

Mathematics learning experiences at Newbury Primary School involve a range of written and mental tasks that develop students’ number sense and knowledge across all areas of the Mathematics curriculum. Students work actively through independent and collaborative learning experiences to find connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes. Student engagement is enhanced through the use of digital technologies, real-life problem solving, open-ended tasks, games and hands-on learning.