Digital Technologies

Newbury Digital Technologies Vision Statement

The Digital Technologies curriculum at Newbury Primary School enables students to become confident, collaborative and creative problem solvers in an ever changing digital world through exploring, explaining and designing logical solutions. 


Newbury Digital Technologies Mission Statement

At Newbury Primary School, digital learning is integrated across all areas of the curriculum where students are able to make real world connections with their learning. These connections aim to engage and inspire students to learn new skills and strive to be active learners.

Students develop curiosity and a deep understanding of digital systems and processes whilst maintaining integrity through respectful, ethical, and safe digital practices.

Newbury encourages students to be critical when analysing data from a variety of sources and communicating as active members of their community. They evaluate the benefits and potential risks of solutions in order to improve our society and the greater environment. 

BYOD iPad program

Newbury Primary School promotes the use of the BYOD iPad program where students can bring their own iPad to school. This allows for ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning and specific tailoring to students’ needs.  

For those who cannot provide their own iPads, a limited supply of iPads and Netbooks are available.




Green Screen & Digital Studio

Students at Newbury Primary School have the opportunity to design and create videos in and outstanding Green Screen room and Digital Studio. Students plan, rehearse and record their work against the green screen and learn to use professional lighting, sound and recording equipment.

They are able to edit their work in the Digital Studio using high quality computers and software.

The Green Screen room and Digital Studio provide the opportunity for direct curriculum links with our Digital Technologies, English, Dance, Drama and QUEST programs.  



Cyber Safety

Newbury Primary School is committed to the safe use of technologies. Students engage in learning about cyber safety via the use of the eSafety curriculum. Here they explore and develop an understanding around how to be safe in the digital world

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