Community Clubs

Newbury Primary School offers a wonderfully engaging program known as Community Clubs. During breaks, students have the opportunity to participate in and experience an array of fun, engaging and enjoyable lunch time activities. This is an extra-curricular program which was founded on the core belief of community engagement with one another and the importance of relationship building with not only other like-minded students but also teachers. Community Clubs is designed to give students from varying year levels a variety of experiences away from the hustle and bustle of the playground in a safe and secure indoor or outdoor learning space.

In order to facilitate such a valuable program, we are very fortunate to have many dedicated and selfless staff who volunteer their break times to the students of Newbury Primary School and our Community Clubs program. These clubs promote a level of ‘whole school’ community, allowing students and teachers to engage with one another as well as supporting relationship-building opportunities for all.

We offer our students a variety of Community Clubs, these have included: dance, old school games, mindful colouring, puppet making, gardening, library, board games, choir, digital technology and 3D design, book club, tennis, lego construction, skipping, chalk and ukulele just to name a few.

Community Clubs also presents leadership opportunities for our senior students as a small group of students are selected each term to lead our skipping, chalk and old school games clubs.

All Community Clubs are visited daily by many students; for some it is a highlight of their week knowing that there are other opportunities for activity and engagement away from the hustle and bustle of the playground. Community Clubs are enjoyed by students and teachers alike, making the Community Clubs program an enjoyable extra-curricular lunch time experience for all at Newbury Primary School.

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