Student Empowerment

Newbury Primary School has an enthusiastic Student Empowerment Community, consisting of students from Prep to Year 6. The Student Empowerment members are leaders of the school and are provided the opportunity for student voice and agency. They model the school values, demonstrate a high level of organisation, communication and social skills and exhibit school pride. Being a Student Empowerment member provides opportunities for the development of leadership skills as well as skills in organisation and public speaking.

Throughout the year these students are presented with situations and experiences that allow them the opportunity to seek out student voice and lead within the school community. Student Empowerment members are responsible for organising fundraising events, conducting school assemblies, representing the school at extra-curricular activities and welcoming special guests. Through their actions the Student Empowerment Community reflect and demonstrate Newbury Primary School’s values; Respect, Integrity, Effort and Community.

                   Facilitating Assembly                                                Planning Fundraising Activities