Remote Learning - School @ home

Dear Parents and Carers,


Please note that online classes do not start until Tuesday 1st June.


Monday 31st May

Your child's classroom teacher will make phone contact with you. These calls will be from a blocked number. If your child's classroom teacher is required to provide on site supervision you will not receive a phone call. Students can complete work from their Learning Community Website or Google Classroom.


Tuesday 1st June until Thursday 3rd June

Your child will complete work tasks from the Learning Community website listed below or their Google Classroom, as directed by the classroom teacher.

Prep Remote Learning (

Year 2 School@Home (

Year 3 Google Site

Year 4 Remote Learning (

Year 5/6 School @ Home (

Specialist School @ Home


Your child will participate in two Webex sessions with their classroom teacher daily. One at 9:00am and another at 1:00pm. You will join the sessions by clicking on the classroom teacher's link which can be found on the Sentral Parent Portal.